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Offering Gold Coins to a Cat

Offering Gold Coins to a Cat

Boyslove in the Gangland District #1

Kon Blacke

Tachibana Kushano goes to Michael Brock’s gentleman’s club, Badda-Bings, to give himself to many other men at once. All because his boyfriend, Riyu, orders him to.

Tachibana never questions Riyu.

He’s his submissive, after all.

But when he’s finished, Riyu still isn’t happy, and Tachibana doesn’t understand why. And as he quickly discovers, he’s never been appreciated by Riyu either, even when he’s done whatever he’s been told without question. As a result of Riyu’s anger, Tachibana is then punished, hurt beyond anything imaginable.

For Tachibana, it’s the last straw.

The trouble is…how can he recover after being dominated by Riyu for so long? How can he learn to trust someone else again?

But above all, how can Tachibana love someone else, even someone who wants to care for him? Someone like Michael Brock, for instance?

Publisher's note:
This dark boys’ love story contains graphic gay sex between adults. It also contains the attempted abuse of an underage character, and torture of a character as punishment, which may cause some people distress.

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Behind Blue Eyes

Behind Blue Eyes

Hells Vipers Motorcycle Club #2

Britt Collins

Always the good son, or so they thought…

When Nuke's brother shows up at the Hells Vipers Motorcycle Club, he brings trouble with him, in more ways than one. Holden was always the good son, or so Nuke's family thought, but Nuke knows things others don't. As Nuke struggles with his new responsibilities at the club, Holden's presence threatens to not just undermine his position but also his relationship.

Jasmine, the love of Nuke's life, knows something is wrong as soon as Holden comes back into Nuke's life. She’s heard the stories and is far from interested in getting to know him better, especially now that they’re trying to form a family of their own.

With Kevin gone and Pipe being distracted by a dangerous crush, can the club deal with Holden’s sudden appearance and the trail of bodies behind him? More importantly, can Nuke and Jasmine’s marriage survive what Nuke’s brother has in store for them both?

Behind Blue Eyes is the riveting sequel to You Belong To Me.

Behind Blue Eyes was previously published by the same title, under the name Jordan Abbott, and has been re-released.

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Britt Collins

When ex-cop Lucas Ford finds out the beautiful vampire he fell in love with twenty years ago is real, his only chance to save her—and their love—is to risk his life as he hunts the predator bent on destroying her and all of Vampire-kind.

Most people learn after the first mistake, two at the most. It took Lucas Ford three and now it might cost him his life.

Mistake number 1:

At eighteen years old he saw the unthinkable, a vampire. She told him her name is Victoria. He followed her through the woods and enviously watched as she drank from another. He fell in love.

Mistake number 2:

He told other people what he saw. From that moment on Lucas was labeled as crazy. After years of therapy and joining the army he was cured and beautiful, exotic Victoria—and his love for her—it all became a fading dream.

Mistake number 3:

He let twenty years pass, thinking she was a figment of his imagination. Now she’s here and very real and needs his help.

Vampires are under attack by a new kind of predator. They are no longer at the top of the food chain. Lucas is determined to find this twisted executioner before Victoria becomes the latest victim.

He’s more than willing to lose his life for her.

Prey is a 20,000-word novella.

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