Cool From the Waxing Moon

Cool From the Waxing Moon

Shoju and Matashi, Book Two

Kon Blacke

The story continues…

Matashi is one of the few who didn’t get chosen for the ancient and sacred temple known as Dansei Karuto—the Cult of Men. Not a bad thing, really, because he quickly discovers that temple life isn’t the paradise he was led to believe after being named as an outcast and sent into the forest to fend for himself.

That’s where he meets Akai, an Omega from the secret village who became bonded to Matashi because Matashi is Akai’s Alpha. And after they’ve consummated their newfound love—Akai becoming pregnant with Matashi’s son—that’s when their journey for survival truly begins.

A journey that starts with the rescue of Shoju.

Can Mat survive long enough against the temple’s evil to do as he’s promised? Or will the temple masters crush any hopes of Matashi ever being with the ones he loves, including his Omega Akai?

Let the story of Shoju and Matashi conclude!

Cool From the Waxing Moon publishes June 28th.

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