Mortal Screaming

Mortal Screaming

The Legend of Hereward #2

Kon Blacke

The whisperings continue beyond the aftermath of Ealdræd’s destruction. And as the dust settles across the universe after such an event, a new, greater evil seizes the opportunity to arise. An evil that begets an evil that will threaten the world in ways the gods can’t even fathom.

As the Whispering Monks have foretold.

The whisperings also mention a boy named Wallace, rescued by Lord Knight Hereward after an unspeakable horror. That boy—destined to be the son of Hereward—has a greater purpose within the machinery of the universe as a demon slayer. But that’s just the beginning for Hereward’s son.

So the whisperings say.

The whisperings also speak of Abbot Hosho’s mortal creation, Greysen. A man who’s an outcast but far more powerful than the supplicant he currently believes he is—more so when the demon he serves releases its hold on him, for Greysen is no longer desired.

So it is that these two—Wallace and Greysen—with Lord Hereward’s sword, will reshape the world as much as any evil born ever could. Because when good has a greater purpose, everything changes. For better or for the worse? Only the Whispering Monks can say.

And they don’t whisper about that.

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