Who we are

Deep Desires Press publishes erotica and erotic romance of all romantic pairings or groupings. Whether the subgenre is suspense, historical, fantasy, or something else, you can sink into a well-told story featuring a romance plot peppered with spicy scenes.

Deep Desires Press is an imprint under Story Perfect, which also includes:

Occasionally, books released under our other imprints will also appear on this website if we feel there would be a crossover of readership interests.

Our team

We are forever thankful for the ongoing, creative, passionate, and dedicated team of editors that are crucial to us publishing quality books across our imprints.

Our core team of staff includes:

Craig Gibb

Craig Gibb is publisher of Deep Desires Press and our other imprints. He is also an author of romance as Cameron D James, and YA as Dylan James, and he also writes thriller and science fiction, with debut titles in progress for both genres. He is also co-host of the Cali & Craig Talk podcast.

Craig runs Deep Desires Press together with his husband, John Robin, who is the senior editor. Together, they manage both the publishing side, as well as the private services side for self-publishing authors, Story Perfect Editing Services, helping them put out high-quality books.

When he’s not swamped with book formatting, writing, and other publishing duties, he can be found canning the meals for a whole year that comes from John’s garden (which takes up three properties), which he writes about on the Urban Homesteading Blog. Or, he can be found spending time with his Big Bosses, his cats Shyger and Wizard, who demand cuddle breaks.

John Robin
Senior Editor

After leaving a career in academics and adult education, John Robin founded Story Perfect Editing Services based on his already growing network of private editing clients, which later grew and expanded into our company of imprints, which includes Deep Desires Press. John has worked for two small presses and to date has been involved in editing over 200 publications. John's passion for stories, combined with his background as an educator, allowed him to develop a teaching model where he works not just to apply professional editorial standards in his work, but also to educate authors in the principles he uses so that they can become better writers. He built our team based on these same principles, training apprentices and new editors through his unique hands-on educational approach and this continues to define the excellence we strive toward.

In addition to being an editor, John is also an epic fantasy novelist, with his debut, A Thousand Roads. You can find out more about him by visiting his author website. He also writes educational nonfiction courses for Highbrow. When he's not writing or editing, he's running marathons, playing the piano, working in the garden, or making his way through his list of great movies and TV shows. He also dabbles in art, and is a voracious and eclectic reader.

Cali Kitsu
Marketer & Executive Assistant

Cali Kitsu lives in a very sunny state with her amazing husband and daughters, and she enjoys making people smile. She tries to bring a little bit of her Cali sunshine and energy wherever she goes. Cali believes that love is for everyone, and she's found the perfect way to express that in her writing. Cali absolutely loves writing—she's having so much fun telling steamy boy love stories, with a bit of her Cali sense of humor!

Aside from co-hosting the Cali & Craig Talk… podcast, Cali is also assistant to Craig Gibb, publisher of Deep Hearts YA, and author of the MM YA romance, You Can Call Me Cooper (2024), and she has contracted the first two vampire MM YA novels in a series.

Cali's other hobbies include watching Anime, reading Manga, baking, going to the beach, and she's an avid gamer in all forms: console, tabletop, strategy card games…Magic the Gathering is probably her favorite strategy card game.