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Safe Words

Safe Words

Drury Jamison

After years of alcohol and promiscuous sex, Detective Eleanor Silver is not the cop or the person she wanted to be

When sexually dominant women in the world of BDSM start turning up dead and there are clear signs that a serial killer is at large, Eleanor takes on the cases with a renewed determination she hasn’t felt in years. She then turns to Dr. Anderson Wells, a psychologist and sexual submissive, to be her guide in this world that is unknown to her.

While working the cases through kink parties, leather corsets, and safe words, they soon find themselves exploring on more intimate levels. In her, he sees the strong and forceful woman he craves. And in him, she sees a man strong enough to surrender control. And in this, she sees glimmers of what her life could be.

As they become closer, both as lovers and as Dominant and submissive, new murders and his own lie make Anderson a suspect and then the target of a cop looking to clear his own name. Events and passions collide with bite marks, pretty underwear, and murder in a world where cops may be killers and lovers may hold whips.

Eleanor Silver has to let go of her pain to claim for herself the life she wants and risk everything to save the man she loves.

Safe Words releases on Friday November 6, 2020!

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Drag Queens, Emo Teens & Big Dreams

Drag Queens, Emo Teens & Big Dreams

Muscles and Mascara #1

Dylan James

For Corbin, his secret double-life as a drag queen is the escape he needs from his oppressive life as the son in a hyper-masculine family. But that escape comes to an end when his older brother finds out his secret.

Corbin has two secrets.

The first secret is that he’s gay. He’s known it for a while now and six months ago he met a cute guy and they’ve been dating ever since. But he can’t tell anyone. His father is like a one-man Marine recruitment poster and has made every effort to raise Corbin to be an alpha male. If he finds out Corbin is gay, he’ll forbid Corbin from seeing his boyfriend, dooming the relationship to an unhappy end.

The second secret is that he’s a drag queen. On Sundays he heads to the queer café and dons his best dress, wig, and heels, and becomes Misty Rain, putting on a captivating show to an adoring crowd. While coming out as gay would lead to a crack-down from his Dad, the punishment for putting on a dress and heels would be ten times worse—he’d be shipped off to military school and there’d be absolutely no hope for Corbin and his love.

So far, Corbin has managed to keep his secrets.

But when his older brother comes home while on leave from the Marines, he happens to catch the drag show featuring Corbin—and he spots his brother right away.

Corbin’s perfectly structured life and his big dreams are all about to come crashing down.

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Drag Queens, Emo Teens & Big Dreams is published by Deep Hearts YA, the young adult imprint of Deep Desires Press. For more information on Deep Hearts YA, please click here to visit the website.

Young King Arthur And The Round Table Knights

Young King Arthur And The Round Table Knights

King Arthur Series #1

Siryn Sueng

Arthur grew up a peasant, but when he was fourteen, Excalibur chose him, and now as King Arthur, he must learn to play the game of royalty quickly…or suffer the consequences.

There was no reason for Arthur to think he would ever become king.

A peasant and son of a baker, Arthur grew up in the castle town of Camelot. When he attended the Choosing Ceremony, it was merely to see who would draw the Holy Sword, Excalibur—to see who would inherit the throne of the recently departed King Uther. He never expected the sword would choose him…

But it did.

Now, at the young age of fourteen, he has become King Arthur, and for all the power he has gained, he has made just as many enemies. Surrounded by the Knights of the Round Table, and led by the mysterious mage, Merlin, Arthur is grateful for his allies, though he would just as soon return to his old life. Surely, someone more worthy should be chosen as king.

Arthur is in the middle of chaos, a world where everyone wants more than they let on, where many hate the idea of a young boy with no noble background being crowned king; where cold stares and whispered words are just as sharp as an assassin’s blade.

As Arthur fends for his life, he must draw on the strength of his knights, especially fifteen-year-old Mordred, who becomes closer to him than the mere bounds of duty. He must become king, not just in name, but in his heart.

And he must do it quickly, because his enemies want more than just his crown…

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Young King Arthur And The Round Table Knights is published by Deep Hearts YA, the young adult imprint of Deep Desires Press. For more information on Deep Hearts YA, please click here to visit the website.

Dying Before Living

Dying Before Living

Chris Bedell

Cameron wants nothing more than to just be left alone and live his life without being considered a freak. Ryder intrudes on that loneliness and, unexpectedly, Cameron is okay with it. But as secrets unravel and people start dying, Cameron must use his greatest secret to save himself—and risk everything in the process.

Cameron is alive.

That’s a big deal considering he had died of a genetic disease and then been put in cold storage until science could fix him and bring him back to life. But being a once-dead teen is nowhere near as much fun as one might expect. He gets no privacy because everyone knows who he is. He sometimes wonders about mortality and what happens—or what doesn’t happen—in the afterlife.

And then there’s his strange, newfound ability to make objects levitate and move if he just focuses his attention on them.

So when Ryder hits on him, the last thing Cameron wants in this world is to enter into a relationship.

When Cameron’s grandmother is murdered in broad daylight, he soon discovers her secret—his grandmother, who worked at the biotech company that revived him, was secretly communicating with the media and about to leak confidential files. Grappling with the overwhelming pressures of life and death, the nosy media, and the rising crime rate in his town, Cameron starts using those secret powers of his to get a sense of justice and order into his world. And try as he might to avoid it, he soon falls for Ryder.

But nothing is easy. Especially when Cameron uncovers the secret his grandmother wanted to leak about her boss...and it gets messy with that boss being Ryder’s father.

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Dying Before Living is published by Deep Hearts YA, the young adult imprint of Deep Desires Press. For more information on Deep Hearts YA, please click here to visit the website.

A Gay Polyester High School Romance

A Gay Polyester High School Romance

S.W. Ballenger

1973 is a time of social change. Are 15-year-old Shawn Stuart and his best friend Brad ready to accept something that goes deeper that friendship, or will they follow in the path that society expects them to?

The year is 1973. It’s the time of Watergate and the E.R.A. Social change is in the air, and for 15-year-old Shawn Stuart, that means coming to terms with feelings for his best friend, Brad.

Brad has been his best friend since preschool. The two have always been close, so it seems natural enough that, as a new term of high school begins and Brad begins questioning his sexuality, he decides to show his feelings for his best friend…by laying a kiss on him.

Shawn is a straight boy, with eyes on a girl who seems to have eyes on him too, but after the kiss with Brad, he’s not so sure of his sexuality. As the big school dance comes up, and Shawn goes steady with his girl, he wrestles with the question: how can he like girls and like guys the same way? The answer isn’t obvious in a society where such things are not talked about, even between the closest of friends.

Shawn and Brad must hide behind the veil of their secret, yet might there be a way for their future to be defined by the calling of the heart? And, in the winds of social change, can Shawn be true to himself, while also fitting into the expectations of the world?

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A Gay Polyester High School Romance is published by Deep Hearts YA, the young adult imprint of Deep Desires Press. For more information on Deep Hearts YA, please click here to visit the website.

Southern Faer Lust

Southern Faer Lust

The Whatley Reports #1

John Luke Maxwell

Fifty years is a long time to spend without a home, but Liam Barthélémy still looks hardly a day over twenty-one. Liam is one of the faer—beings of the forest known as "fair folk".

Liam makes his money doing what he does best: using his body to tempt mortals away from their wallets. Beguiling as any knavish sprite, he uses a mixture of temptation and glamour to pry lonely tourists away from their cash. Then, he lures the men to his bed for a night of unbridled passion in order to steal a part of their tie to the material plane, keeping himself anchored in the mortal realm.

Cast out by his people, punished for a crime he did not commit, Liam has wandered the Earth so that mortals will not grow suspicious of him. And his one rule remains the same:

Mortals are for lusting, not loving!

That is, until Liam arrives in the woods of the Deep South, where he crosses paths with Mitch, a lusty and thrusty bear of a trucker who is newly out of the closet. Sparks fly instantaneously, but Liam's past soon catches up to him, forcing a wedge between the two lonely souls.

A dark creature stalks him, seeking revenge. Human children are being snatched from their homes. The very fabric of faer existence is in jeopardy, and Liam might be the only hope for the people who cast him out long ago. Can love blossom between an immortal creature and one of the humans he has—until now—used only for food?

Maybe, but in Liam's world, not all fairy tales can have a happy ending...

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Spring Frost Romance

Spring Frost Romance

A Yuletide Knights Novel

Johnny Miles

A 30-year-old failed business man fights to hold onto the love of a mysterious and magical man named Jackson Frost, whose presence in his life will only last a season.

Spring is coming, and under the melting frost, desire stirs…

Jackson Frost is youthful and charming, even if he can come off as a bit cold at times. Griffin Kloss is a gruff, 30-year-old failed businessman in need of nurture as he licks his wounds. When the two meet, it’s love at first sight. And there’s something about Jackson that’s magical.

And mysterious.

Jackson has secrets, and with the spring thaw coming, it’s harder for him to keep them from his lover. As Griffin deals with an ailing mother and a life that seems to slip away, he longs to hold onto Jackson, even if it means denying the worst of his fears.

Some things are not meant to last, but Griffin is determined to find the one exception, even if he must learn to believe in a new kind of magic.

The magic of the heart…

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Frankenstein Builds a Boyfriend

Frankenstein Builds a Boyfriend

Fangville High #1

Dylan James

After humiliation at the hands of Fangville High’s sexiest incubus, Victor Frankenstein is determined to get his revenge...and a cute boy.

Victor Frankenstein is having the suckiest junior year at Fangville High.

He’d always been content with his place in school—he has his best friend Igor, the occasional date with a cute werewolf, and his grades are decent. It’s never really bothered him that he’s on the lowest level of the school’s social hierarchy.

But all of that changes when an incubus wants to make out with him. Not just any incubus, but the hunkiest and most popular incubus at school. Just as Victor thinks his life is going to get way better, it all comes crashing down when he learns this is all a joke and the punchline is Victor being humiliated in front of the entire school.

Now he’s on a mission—to exact revenge on the incubus, to score an even hotter boyfriend, to climb to the top of the social ladder, and to claim his destiny as the most awesome mad scientist ever.

How will he accomplish all this? By building the boyfriend of his dreams from spare parts he and Igor dig up at the cemetery.

That’ll work.


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Frankenstein Builds a Boyfriend is published by Deep Hearts YA, the young adult imprint of Deep Desires Press. For more information on Deep Hearts YA, please click here to visit the website.

Slave to Beauty: The Complete Trilogy

Slave to Beauty

The Complete Trilogy

Tim Bartholomew

In this fast-paced tale of beauty and many horny beasts, Andrew leaves behind his monk-like existence in cozy England to follow wherever the beautiful Bryony leads him, and all while trying to keep his virtue.

After meeting the heart-stoppingly gorgeous Bryony whilst out jogging, naïve yet irresistible Andrew Billingham fell in love. Quite literally head over heels, in fact. Through their ensuing love-making adventures, Andrew soon realizes Bryony is what’s been missing from his uneventful existence.

When Bryony’s employers send her abroad for six months, their true adventures begin, as Andrew falls prey to two vengeful women, one twenty-five years his senior, the other not exactly his “cup of tea”. Plunged into a nightmare of unseemly passion and intrigue, Andrew yearns all the more for the loving arms of Bryony.

From their exploits at the hands of a conniving German gentleman, to their yacht-bound Aegean struggles with corrupt and sexually rapacious foes at sea, Bryony and Andrew’s adventures take them into ever deeper waters…and ultimately to the salacious world of film in the stifling heat of a Moscow summer where Andrew’s gay inclinations emerge amidst dangerous political unrest.

Andrew is determined to survive unscathed – and without losing the love of his life and the erotic bliss he enjoys with her. How long can a man keep his virtue while dancing with the twin demons of temptation and lust?

Originally published in three parts, Slave to Beauty collects the complete series of Andrew and Bryony’s steamy, ménage adventures. Transporting you through the contemporary vistas of England, Russia, and the Aegean, this is a tender treatment of true romance and a devastating indictment of lust. If you enjoy your erotica with a flare of comedy and suspense, buy it now!

Publisher's Note: Slave to Beauty collects Body Language, Love Knot, and Casting Couch in a single volume.

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These Loving Lies

These Loving Lies

Patricia Pellicane

He’s out to catch her, but she has no idea who he truly is.

Powerful men don’t take rejection in stride…

…especially not if they want you dead.

Mattie Bryant is running for her life and that of her unborn child. Zachary Turner is the man hired to get her back.

Zach has dealt with pretty little women before, but Mattie is more determined than he expected, and more beautiful. Her vehement dislike of him only deepens his attraction.

Mattie doesn’t know what to make of Zach at first, but as they journey further west it becomes harder to stay away from this man so intent on kissing her.

Will Mattie surrender to his touch before finding out who he is? Will Zach forsake his duties and admit it’s not just him and Mattie’s husband who are after her?

Or will he continue to tell her These Loving Lies?

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