My Saurian Friends

My Saurian Friends

The Saurian Love Trilogy, Book Two

Kon Blacke

Max Bujold is a velociraptor with heart.

But because he works undercover to expose illegal activities against humans by saurians, he finds himself embroiled in the sickening underworld culture known as ikizukuri porn. This spectacle, organised by underworld bosses for saurian entertainment, puts bought humans ‘on the menu’ to be 'used' and eaten alive at the same time.

One such human, a young boy named Benjamin, steals Max’s heart at the same time as Aston, Max’s next-door neighbour, does. And all too quickly, Max discovers he not only needs to save Benjamin, but Aston as well.

Can Max, with the help of his saurian friends, prevent the unthinkable? Or will his job force him to live the rest of his days without the loves of his life?

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