One Task

One Task

The Warrior and The King

Geneva Gordon

Tig is a woman of many talents. Her proficiency at martial arts has gained her celebrity status, she’s a former special operative, and she’s looking to ride the wave of her popularity and land a career in film.

None of this, however, fully prepares her for when she is transported to the distant past in the strange land of Moregane.

In this new land, she is given one task: kidnap Simon Lassiter, the King’s brother, and return him to Moregane for execution.

If she completes it, she gets to go home and return to her normal life. If she fails, she dies.

Determined to regain her life, she again finds herself unprepared when she develops feelings for her target. And the questions she asks herself could change her life forever. Is there a future for her and Simon in Moregane? Could she give up returning home in order to be with him?

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