The Demon You Love

The Demon You Love

One Task, Book Two

Geneva Gordon

Famous fighter and soon-to-be movie star Tig is transported back in time to the Kingdom of Moregane against her will. She had sworn never to return and had moved on with her life, but now she’s captured by the Duchess of Chrissley, who then sells her into slavery where she’s tortured, manipulated into addiction, and then forced to kill for entertainment. She becomes a sensation, drawing crowds and generating massive amounts of money for her owner.

Simon, King of Moregane, is on a diplomatic mission to Skree. To celebrate successful negotiations, he attends the local arena to watch some fighting, including this new sensation—the demon—that everyone is talking about. But when the demon enters the arena, ready to take down her enemy, Simon is shocked to learn it is Tig, a woman he had come to love but was heartbroken over when she left.

He rescues her, but all is not well. Tig is haunted by the things she has done and is tormented by the ghosts of those she has killed. Assurances and sweet words from Simon do little to help.

One apparition that haunts her is determined to destroy her. Simon will do whatever he can to help her. But will it be enough?

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