His Capricious Mate

His Capricious Mate

His Mate #3

Charli Mac

Cat used to live a fast-paced life as a cop, but now she’s enjoying life in the slow lane as an artist with her own gallery. When someone breaks in in the middle of the night, her training kicks in and she apprehends the thief. He starts to babble nonsense about sunlight and jail, and she thinks he’s crazy until his master pops into existence right in the middle of her gallery floor.

Most days Tobias Hunter regrets turning Kevin into a vampire, but not this one. When a brash woman rudely summons him to collect the hapless idiot, he’s intrigued. No one speaks to him like that. No one. Wanting to spend more time with her—time where she’s writhing in ecstasy in his private dungeon—he offers her a job: find the priceless relic Kevin has lost and bring it to him.

Cat’s not a private investigator, and she has no desire to go back to chasing down bad guys, but keeping a gallery running is not cheap, and Tobias is offering a paycheck big enough to keep her afloat for a big, long while. And if she finds his stupid ring, she gets to see him again. And that, she really does desire.

His Capricious Mate is a 16,000-word novella and part three in a six-part series.

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