His Calamitous Mate

His Calamitous Mate

His Mate #4

Charli Mac

Daisy is a witch with a problem—and it isn’t that her idiot of a mother named her Daisy. The master of the local vampire seethe—the one who recently kidnapped her!—wants her to come and do a job for him. She doesn’t know what the job is, and she doesn’t care. She is not working for the vamps again. Looking to protect herself, she summons Orphon, a demon she’s worked with before, hoping his hulking presence will keep the seethe from her door. Only it isn’t Orphon who comes through the portal…

Abigor, warrior demon and Grand Duke of Hell, didn’t have popping into a witch’s basement on his list of things to do this evening, but now that he’s here, he’s curious. Not about the master vampire or the goons he’s left to lurk outside, but the curvaceous, nervous little witch who had the audacity to summon him to for guard dog duty. He strikes a bargain with her: his protection for her pleasure. He’ll stay and deal with the vampire threat if she’ll let him show her exactly what sensual delights a demon is capable of.

His Calamitous Mate is an 18,000-word novella and part four in a six-part series.

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