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Say Yes, Baby

Say Yes, Baby

Geneva Gordon

Self-made billionaire Mickey Finn is at the top of his game, buying and developing properties. He has no time for relationships and no need for them either—quick one-night stands have always been enough for him.

Parker Chen is a world-renowned drummer who works with some of the hottest acts in the industry—including with Mickey’s brother’s band. Not only is Parker incredibly talented, she’s also young and gorgeous. She, too, has no need for relationships when a short dalliance will do…until she meets Mickey Finn.

Mickey is at once enchanted by Parker, but for two attractive young people who seem so perfectly matched, fate has other plans. Between dangerous miscommunications, clingy exes with no boundaries, and the high stresses of both their worlds, it feels like it’s just not meant to be, especially when the perceived threat of betrayal steps in…

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