All The Lovers

All The Lovers

Harry F. Rey

Welcome to Leeds, 2007. Welcome to drag before Drag Race and hook-ups before Grindr. Welcome to 19-year-old Nick's oh-so-complicated love life. Welcome to All The Lovers.

Still hung up on ex-boyfriend Shawn, Nick tries, tries, and repeatedly fails to find a meaningful connection in a parochial gay society still defined by closets and cruising. With fabulous best friend Mylo and straight-laced flatmate Jenna by his side, Nick’s journey to self-discovery forces him to confront not only his own demons, but those of all his lovers as well.

All The Lovers is a sexy, hilarious, and eye-opening chronicle of Nick—a working class teenager from the North of England exploring love and sex in a pre-Grindr world.

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