The Line of Succession 5: Royal Prerogative

The Line of Succession 5: Royal Prerogative

Harry F. Rey

The crisis facing the British monarchy is rushing headlong to catastrophe. To show the world that Britain is ready to embrace change, Prince James has embraced a royal referendum, to let the people decide who will be the next monarch.

Will the British people accept James, a gay man, as their soon-to-be king? Or will they break with centuries of tradition and sidestep him to embrace his sister Alexandra, a woman who promises great reform?

But the crisis extends much deeper than the tabloid headlines.

James and his fiance Andrew struggle to adjust to their newfound status in life and in the public while facing endless obstacles. With an indignant Church and affronted mothers trying to stand in their way and all of the drama in the palace regarding the new hot young servants, James is a tabloid headline away from losing it all.

Meanwhile, Alexandra and Faisal's shaky marriage is on the verge of crumbling. She's willing to sacrifice her marriage—there's no cost too high—if it means she can win the royal referendum and become the Queen she knows she's destined to be and secure a royal future for her children.

And in the background is Lizzie, the illegitimate daughter of Prince Richard and half-sister of James and Alexandra. She's all too happy to help if it means bringing her war against James to a bitter conclusion, and perhaps destroying the monarchy.

One thing is clear: The battle for the line of succession is far from over.

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