The Space In Between

The Space In Between

L. B. La Vigne

When first time homeowner Charlie moves into his new house, he expects he's left The Horror behind—the possibly demonic entity that haunted his dreams in his old apartment. Moving in the middle of a scorching Arizona summer with his cat, Tango, the place needs some redecorating, and maybe a few repairs, but the most important part is that it's his.

While The Horror is no longer with him, it soon becomes clear that something else is. There are strange noises, things move around, and Tango senses something that Charlie can't see. But as he starts to fear that maybe The Horror did follow him here, he's very quickly relieved to learn that this place is haunted with its own ghost—and this ghost is a sexy, sultry man who is determined to protect Charlie from otherworldly terrors.

As he grows closer—and more intimate—with this ghost, the edges of Charlie's reality begin to fray. Even when he realizes that this sexy ghost lover might have less than noble intentions, the claws may already be in too deep to escape.

But with how the ghost pleasures him in ways no mere mortal can, he's not even sure he wants to save himself…

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