Struck: The Lightning Project

Struck: The Lightning Project

The Lightning Project #1

Victoria Kinnaird

Ethan Thorn is a lot of things. The heroic type isn’t one of them.

A hacker with a tendency to self-isolate too much, Ethan is desperate for something different in life, something more exciting than the sleepy town of Orchard Side. Being “Struck” and waking up in a secret government facility in a New York skyscraper certainly wasn’t what he had in mind.

Against his will, he’s now part of The Lightning Project, a government program to turn average teens into crime-fighting superheroes. As much as Ethan hates it, there’s one thing he secretly loves about it: Adam, the project leader. He’s a sweet, shy, boy-next-door type, certainly not someone Ethan should be interested in. Nonetheless, Ethan finds himself drawn to Adam.

Faced with a devastating secret from The Lightning Project’s past, Ethan comes up against the most difficult choice of his entire life. Does he take his place as a member of the team, accept his destiny as a superhero, and bury the part of him that questions authority at every turn? Or does he go back to the life he hated in Orchard Side?

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