Hunt for the Raven’s Spire

Hunt for the Raven's Spire

The Fae Age, Book Two

E.J. Graham

The ravens are coming...

A young woman, losing blood rapidly and carrying an orphaned fairy, arrives at the gates of the newly rebuilt Shadowglen, where Clint co-leads the new alliance of humans and fairies.

Before she can reveal who she is, she dies. He finds only one thing on her: a note with a name no fairy has come across in five hundred years. Sensing a mystery, Clint and his friends set out to discover where the fairy came from, unaware how deep the mystery truly is.

But they are in a race. Forces, both human and fairy, are on the same quest, some with darker purposes than others. One of the greatest secrets of the fairy race is about to be revealed, whether they wish it or not.

Clint must race to save the world, but in so doing will he set in motion events that cannot be stopped or undone? Is the world ready for what is about to be revealed?

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Hunt for the Raven's Spire is published by Deep Hearts YA, the young adult imprint of Deep Desires Press. For more information on Deep Hearts YA, please click here to visit the website.