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One Task

One Task

The Warrior and The King

Geneva Gordon

Tig is a woman of many talents. Her proficiency at martial arts has gained her celebrity status, she’s a former special operative, and she’s looking to ride the wave of her popularity and land a career in film.

None of this, however, fully prepares her for when she is transported to the distant past in the strange land of Moregane.

In this new land, she is given one task: kidnap Simon Lassiter, the King’s brother, and return him to Moregane for execution.

If she completes it, she gets to go home and return to her normal life. If she fails, she dies.

Determined to regain her life, she again finds herself unprepared when she develops feelings for her target. And the questions she asks herself could change her life forever. Is there a future for her and Simon in Moregane? Could she give up returning home in order to be with him?

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These Loving Lies

These Loving Lies

Patricia Pellicane

He’s out to catch her, but she has no idea who he truly is.

Powerful men don’t take rejection in stride…

…especially not if they want you dead.

Mattie Bryant is running for her life and that of her unborn child. Zachary Turner is the man hired to get her back.

Zach has dealt with pretty little women before, but Mattie is more determined than he expected, and more beautiful. Her vehement dislike of him only deepens his attraction.

Mattie doesn’t know what to make of Zach at first, but as they journey further west it becomes harder to stay away from this man so intent on kissing her.

Will Mattie surrender to his touch before finding out who he is? Will Zach forsake his duties and admit it’s not just him and Mattie’s husband who are after her?

Or will he continue to tell her These Loving Lies?

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To Love This Woman

To Love This Woman

Patricia Pellicane

He’s loved her forever; she hates him with a passion. Why did she allow that kiss?

She’s sworn to live her life without pain

Everyone Georgiana ever loved has died. Now three months short of gaining her inheritance, she must spend her last summer at Castle Montgomery with her Aunt Millicent, and her abominable cousin, Jonathan Manning, the Earl of Montgomery.

A determined Nobleman

Jonathan has loved her for years. A kiss last summer left her in an aching daze of want, until she learned the truth: that he is a womanizer. Or is he? With time running out, this might be his last chance to show Georgiana the true depth of his feelings.

He’s called her a coward, a woman afraid to love, a woman unable to love. She hates him for that. Why can’t they simply enjoy what they have? Why does the pleasure he’s shown her have to mean love?

But Jon discerns there’s more here than fear. Her feelings run deeper than she knows. A baby might hold the key to showing him how To Love This Woman.

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One Knight With The Swordsmith’s Daughter

One Knight With The Swordsmith's Daughter

Michael Bracken

After Sir Humphrey of Fox Glen commissions a new side arm from her father the swordsmith, Miriam finds her womanly scabbard aching to be filled by his manly sword.

All the women of Miriam’s village lust after Sir Humphrey of Fox Glen, newly arrived to attend to his aging uncle, Sir Edmund, Earl of Northwoods Shire. When the young knight commissions a new side arm from her father the swordsmith, Miriam discovers why.

Unable to reveal to anyone that she actually smiths the swords her father sells, and unable to reveal her own carnal desire for the young knight, Miriam listens to the village women’s bawdy comments about Sir Humphrey yet keeps her thoughts to herself, until a chance meeting at the waterfall where she bathes changes her life.

Miriam finds herself keeping more secrets than any woman should. But if she gets too close to Sir Humphrey, it might mean revealing her family’s secret. Does she dare risk her family’s heritage just to quench the fire in her loins?

One Knight With The Swordsmith’s Daughter is a 6,200-word short story.

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