The King’s Treasure

The King's Treasure

One Task, Book Three

Geneva Gordon

Simon, King of Moregane, has been injured in battle and lost his memory...including memories of his beloved, Tig. As he re-learns who he is, he assumes Tig is a whore because of her inappropriate clothing and too-familiar interactions with him, but soon finds out she is feared by everyone in the castle. She is a killer, the Demon in a former life. Yet he is drawn to her, even if he doesn't know why.

In an attempt to regain some normalcy and move forward, Simon brings his former betrothed, Sophie, back to the Moregane to plan their wedding.

Though Tig knows Simon's missing memories make him not himself, she knows Sophie's return to the castle will put her life in jeopardy. She leaves Moregane, unable to face Sophie's revenge, deciding it’s time to start anew, find another man.

The last thing Tig expects is for Simon to regain his memory, cast off Sophie, and begin a desperate quest to reclaim her. Yet, even if he does, their past history formed wounds too deep to heal.

Even if he returns to claim her, how can she trust that he really loves her?

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