Sporting Wood

Sporting Wood

Men in Love and Lust #3

Michael Bracken

Introduction by Neil S. Plakcy

High-rise window washer Joe is used to seeing things on the job that he really shouldn’t, but he’s gotten good at ignoring the sights. That is, until his latest gig of washing the windows of a condominium has him like a peeping-tom watching two hot-as-hell men go at it in the supposed privacy of their bedroom.

When he’s spotted by the men, he fears the worst—and he can’t lose this job. But instead of calling the cops, one of the men holds a business card up to the window, giving Joe his name and number.

After struggling with whether or not to call the man—and realizing he’s thought of nothing else since—Joe dives in crotch-first, leading him into a whole new world of sexual adventures.

“High-Rise Hook-Up” is just one of nineteen scorching hot and smutty-as-hell stories in this sweaty, throbbing, pounding collection of gay erotica from Michael Bracken, acclaimed author of erotic short fiction.

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