All-American Male

All-American Male

Men in Love and Lust #1

Michael Bracken

Introduction by Neil S. Plakcy

When college student Bernie is dragged to a Christmas party where he knows nobody, the last thing he expects is to be naked and between the thighs of the sexiest man he's ever met.

While older men aren't usually his thing, there's something about Professor Maeyer that gets Bernie going in ways he hasn't felt for a long time. So, when the party ends and everyone's gone home and it's just Bernie and Professor Maeyer, he gets a deeper education, the kind that can't be taught in class, the kind that can only be taught in the bedroom.

Bernie's about to learn just how much Professor Maeyer can blow his mind (and his load).

“Learning Curve” is just one of nineteen scorching hot and smutty-as-hell stories in this sweaty, throbbing, pounding collection of gay erotica from Michael Bracken, acclaimed author of erotic short fiction.

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