His Mate Series

His Mate Series

Charli Mac

Now available as a bundle! The His Mate series is a set of fated-to-be-mated PNR novellas featuring shifters, werewolves and demons (Oh my!). We even throw in a witch for good measure. In a world where things go bump (and grind) in the night, our heroes are smart, seductive, and sexy as hell. They’re on the hunt for some badass, beautiful and even book-reading heroines. This complete bundle contains all six novellas of the His Mate Paranormal Romance series.

His Curious Mate
Anna is sensible, staid, and single—and sick of it. She wants excitement; she wants to be tied down and spanked! How’s shifter Callum supposed to say no to that, especially when the woman is his mate?

His Cautious Mate
Getting tied up by his mate isn’t the most conventional start to a relationship, but Gregor has no intentions of going anywhere, not when he’s got shy but sensual Bea playing nurse maid.

His Capricious Mate
Coffin? Seethe master Tobias has a kink dungeon, thank you very much, and he’s delighted to give ex-cop-now-artist Cat her own, very personal tour.

His Calamitous Mate
Daisy is a witch with a problem—Abigor, warrior demon, the Grand Duke of Hell. He’s just attached himself to her as her personal bodyguard, key word: personal.

His Classy Mate
Evangeline is a vampire and lady. That won’t stop her from doing what needs to be done to protect human Michael from the malicious intentions of fellow vampire Julian.

His Contrary Mate
Janna is meant to take a wolf for a mate, not a hapless vampire. Kevin doesn’t much care for what should happen, and if he has to take on an entire shifter pack to keep her, he will.

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