His Contrary Mate

His Contrary Mate

His Mate #6

Charli Mac

Janna knows what the shifters in her pack think of her. They say she’s difficult. Stubborn. Willful. They say she needs to find her mate and settle down. The only friend she has is a blood sucker, Kevin, the one who rescued her from the psycho vamp Julian when he kidnapped her. When her father arranges to foster her with another pack far away, she thinks about turning to Kevin, but what’s a single vampire supposed to do against an entire pack of shifters? She’s resigned to her fate, until the alpha from the new pack arrives and Janna overhears exactly what his plans for her are.

Kevin exists at the bottom of the pile. He’s the youngest and the weakest vampire in the seethe, and that makes him the dogsbody, the butt of the joke. The punching bag. Janna is the one light spot in his life…and now she’s leaving him. When Janna’s alpha storms into the seethe, hunting for his missing daughter, Kevin doesn’t care that finding her probably means handing her over to someone else. She’s out there, alone in the dark, and all he can think of is getting her safe.

They’ll worry about the rest, after.

His Contrary Mate is a 23,000-word novella and part six in a six-part series.

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