His Cautious Mate

His Cautious Mate

His Mate #2

Charli Mac

When Bea is awoken by a loud crash in the middle of the night, she thinks it’s hoodlums partying in the street again. She is not expecting to find a bloodied and battered man sprawled out on her garden chaise-longue. She can’t very well leave him there, and he refuses to let her call him an ambulance, so she drags him up to her spare room. He can sleep it off, then get out. Only, Bea is never going to be able to sleep with a large, strange man free to roam her house…

When Gregor wakes up tied to a bed, he’s surprised his wolf isn’t going crazy. Granted, the ropes tying him to the bed are so pitiful he could snap them with one half-hearted muscle flex, but still… When a woman comes bustling in with a tray of breakfast in her hands, he understands why. Mate. She's skittish, though, and looks ready to run from him at the slightest thing. That’s okay, he can take it slow. Woo her. After all, she’s got him all tied up, it’s not like he’s going anywhere.

His Cautious Mate is a 16,000-word novella and part two in a six-part series.

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