His Classy Mate

His Classy Mate

His Mate #5

Charli Mac

Evangeline occupies an extremely privileged place in the seethe, high in Master’s favor, and she’d be extremely happy with her lot in life if it wasn’t for Julian, the annoying vampire who wants her as his mate and who won’t take no for an answer. He’s too powerful for her to spurn him completely, but she’s running out of ways to put him off. A reckoning is coming, and when she saves an elderly man from being Julian’s next victim, she knows she brings that reckoning much closer.

The woman who drives Michael’s dad back from the restaurant after he took a strange funny turn is stunningly beautiful, graceful and ladylike. When she suddenly disappears, it’s not hard for Michael to convince himself that he imagined her. Bumping into her again on a routine construction job, he’s astonished when she asks him out on a date. What would a woman like her want with an average Joe like him?

When Master sends Evangeline in to investigate an unusual occurrence in Julian’s territory, she finds herself sticking her neck out for Michael—never a comfortable thing for a vampire—and protecting him from Julian…which paints a big red target on his back. She needs to find out exactly what Julian’s up to, and fast, to save them both.

His Classy Mate is a 21,000-word novella and part five in a six-part series.

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