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Tawnya Torres

A pandemic results in two types of undead: walking corpses or blood-thirsty vampires. Logan and his brother Matthew await death from scarlet fever but are given the second option by Matthew’s twin, Liam, when he returns from war.

The brothers join an all-male gang of Vamps who go out together to feed. Women in town are drawn to them by an offer to participate in “bloodlust”, a feeding that begins with sexual rituals, then turns deadly when the sun goes down. Most girls don’t make it home.

Logan has been sleeping with Matthew’s fianceé, but the guilt of being a liar and a thug causes him to re-think his actions. After a particularly brutal night of bloodlust, Logan comes across a dying girl calling out for help. Unsure of what to do, and with his mounting guilt, Logan decides to change her. She wakes with amnesia and Logan teaches her how to live in his world while trying to find the man who left her for dead, not realizing how dangerous such a pursuit might be—for both of them.

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