My Boyfriend’s Teen Son

My Boyfriend's Teen Son

Marco May

Mark and Juan are deeply in love. But that doesn't mean their relationship is without troubles.

Together for five years, Mark has never once cheated on Juan...despite Juan no longer wanting any form of sex. Mark has been forced into a life of celibacy that he never asked for. It's worth it, though, because he loves Juan so much.

When Julio, Juan's eighteen-year-old son, is kicked out of his mom's house for being gay, he moves in with Mark and Juan. He immediately captures Mark's attention in a way Mark has never experienced before...and in a way Mark knows is deeply wrong. Julio was once a skinny little kid, but now he's a well-developed man with head-turning good looks and so much sex appeal, despite being a total virgin.

Mark does his best to ignore his burgeoning feelings for Julio, but this becomes nigh impossible when it seems that Julio is making the moves on him. It's suddenly clear this isn't just a one-way crush.

And with Mark’s lust for his boyfriend’s teen son on the rise, he fears it will soon be impossible to go back to how things used to be.

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