Dragon’s Breath: Black Flame

Dragon's Breath: Black Flame

Kenla Nelson

Nihility the Harbinger feels a flicker of danger, a sense of impending doom. She is the black dragoness, Empath, and Weaver of the Dreaming.

Destined the Farseer has been too long away from his body in a place called the Between. He is Nihility’s mate, bonded eternally through their heart of hearts. Known as the prophet, and Walker, he now finds himself at the center of an old danger.

The demons known as the Prem threaten their homeworld. Hurrying to her mate’s aid, Nihility calls on Destined’s other mate, the Watcher, Endrir the Broken. All must unite, and overcome their differences—even if it means Endrir must expose the secrets he has tried to keep from Nihility—for the three dragons face more than just the seven great demons who seek their freedom. Jezzar, the once great dragoness, leads the forces of darkness, and Nihility will need her strength to face her, as only she can.

For she is the wielder of the Black Flame, their only hope.

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