Body Language

Body Language

Slave to Beauty #1

Tim Bartholomew

In this fast-paced tale of beauty and three beasts, an irresistible hero is locked in deadly conflict with a craven older woman out for carnal revenge. Can Andrew’s manhood survive in the teeth of her demands?

Naïve yet irresistible Andrew Billingham is in love. Quite literally head over heels in love, actually. After meeting the heart-stoppingly gorgeous Bryony whilst out jogging, Andrew soon realizes Bryony is what’s been missing from his life. Bryony, and the life of adventurous love-making she brings to his normally stoic existence.

So, when Bryony’s employers send her abroad for six months, Andrew is certain while they’ll allow each other an open relationship, that is not what he desires. He’ll wait for his love, content with their nightly Skype sessions. Unfortunately for Andrew, he falls prey to two vengeful women, one twenty-five years his senior. With the help of a conniving German gentleman—who has since university days lusted after Andrew—these Harpies mean to take fullest advantage of his winsome good looks and trusting nature.

Plunged into a nightmare of unseemly passion, intrigue and sexual enslavement, Andrew is even more desperate for the loving arms of his Bryony. If only she hadn’t disappeared. While he’s determined to survive the ordeal unscathed, without losing the love of his life and the erotic bliss he enjoys with her, Andrew fears the worst. After all, how long can a man escape his past with his virtue intact?

Body Language is a 58,000 word erotic comedy, the first in the Slave to Beautytrilogy. If you like your books erotically-charged and fast-paced, then you’ll love Tim Bartholomew’s tender treatment of love and his devastating indictment of lust.

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