Anonymous Nude Photos

Anonymous Nude Photos

Lauren Jane K.

A nameless woman meets a sculptor at an art exhibit. She's drawn to his art—sculptures made of shattered objects, breathing new life into ruins. She can recognize creativity and dedication in him, something she holds herself as a renowned photographer.

Together, they rent an art studio in an abandoned factory. Here, both engage in their art—him planning a masterpiece made of thousands of shards of glass, and her slicing through her photos, dividing and reassembling. Both must break down their art to rebuild it and find the true beauty within the pieces.

Art reflects life.

They soon begin a sadomasochistic relationship. Each knot, each slap, each bruise...each brings a confluence of pleasure and pain. Each contributes to a shattering and reassembling. And this search for beauty within the pieces finds her falling in love with him, the one person who holds sway over her with a single word: "Kneel".

But when a betrayal tears apart the fragile reality they've built, she must learn to rebuild once more.

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