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Southern Faer Lust

Southern Faer Lust

The Whatley Reports #1

John Luke Maxwell

Fifty years is a long time to spend without a home, but Liam Barthélémy still looks hardly a day over twenty-one. Liam is one of the faer—beings of the forest known as "fair folk".

Liam makes his money doing what he does best: using his body to tempt mortals away from their wallets. Beguiling as any knavish sprite, he uses a mixture of temptation and glamour to pry lonely tourists away from their cash. Then, he lures the men to his bed for a night of unbridled passion in order to steal a part of their tie to the material plane, keeping himself anchored in the mortal realm.

Cast out by his people, punished for a crime he did not commit, Liam has wandered the Earth so that mortals will not grow suspicious of him. And his one rule remains the same:

Mortals are for lusting, not loving!

That is, until Liam arrives in the woods of the Deep South, where he crosses paths with Mitch, a lusty and thrusty bear of a trucker who is newly out of the closet. Sparks fly instantaneously, but Liam's past soon catches up to him, forcing a wedge between the two lonely souls.

A dark creature stalks him, seeking revenge. Human children are being snatched from their homes. The very fabric of faer existence is in jeopardy, and Liam might be the only hope for the people who cast him out long ago. Can love blossom between an immortal creature and one of the humans he has—until now—used only for food?

Maybe, but in Liam's world, not all fairy tales can have a happy ending...

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