Tricks ‘N’ Treats

Tricks 'N' Treats

Jean Locke Holmes: Porn Star Detective, #2

John Luke Maxwell

It’s a brand-new day for Rafael Vásquez. Sure, his ex-boyfriend tried to kill him, but all of that led to an extraordinary new life with his porn crush—and amateur sleuth—Jean Locke Holmes.

When word trickles down of a week-long Halloween party at the newest gay bathhouse in the Castro, it’s not long before Holmes smells something odd about. Their room at the bathhouse is vandalized. Raf finds himself shedding far more than his inhibitions when he is hired to replace a dancer who died tragically under shady circumstances. Before long, another dancer bites the dust.

The Halloween horror builds to a harrowing climax as Raf stares down the barrel of a gun to confront a greedy conspiracy lurking just below the surface.

Raf will have to bare all—and learn some dark truths about his own character—if he wants to survive.

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