Deadly Valentine

Deadly Valentine

John Luke Maxwell

Dating a porn star comes with certain expectations, especially when one's relationship remains somewhat in the limelight. More than once, Rafael Vásquez has been asked via social media if his porn legend hunk of a boyfriend, Jean Locke Holmes, will ever come out of retirement. Holmes seems content to live out a life of leisure with Raf, however, focusing on their relationship and the occasional baffling murder case that comes their way.

That is, until a chance encounter with Holmes' old director pushes Holmes back into the business. Kincaid Marx, the man whose movies made Holmes the iconic gay sex stud that he is, wants to make one final movie before he retires from filmmaking. This production is to be Kincaid's magnum opus, a blockbuster-worthy flick that will rock the Grabby Awards. For that to happen, though, Kincaid needs Holmes to agree to star in it. Joining the lineup-up is a second porn legend, Casper Peyton, whom Holmes just so happens to be a fan of. The two salacious studs will have to share far more than the spotlight, and Raf finds himself sidelined into the role of extra and script doctor.

Things take an even more complicated turn after several accidents occur on set. Someone seems determined to shut Kincaid's production down for good. Adding to the mystery is a sinister presence stalking Peyton, one who claims through threatening Valentines to know secrets lurking in Peyton's past. Holmes will have to get to the bottom of this mystery—and get in touch with his inner bottom in the process. Raf learns very quickly the differences between fantasy and reality. Can his relationship with Holmes survive the stud's return to stardom?

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