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The Ishtar Ignition

The Ishtar Ignition

The Tales of the Tantric Aviatrix, Book 2

Timothy Black

The erotic and exciting adventures of Charlotte Frost, Tantric Aviatrix, continues...

In a world where sex is magic, Captain Charlotte Frost is confronted with the mystery of her world's origins. Having narrowly escaped the Matriarchy with the enigmatic, sentient, and shapeshifting Doll, they now find themselves trapped in the mysterious Temple of Ishtar, long buried in the past under the sands of the Syrian Desert.

Together, Charlotte and the Doll must face the trials and tribulations of a secret past about the magic of the Aviatrixes that threatens both their beliefs and their very survival.

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The Clockwork Courtesan

The Clockwork Courtesan

The Tales of the Tantric Aviatrix, Book 1

Timothy Black

In 1836 the Industrial Revolution collided with the sexual revolution when magic was unleashed upon an unsuspecting Earth.

Ancient mystic practices were applied to a new form of technology pioneered by the first tantric aviatrixes, the Matriarchy, who used their secret Art to launch a flying city named Godmother, the Amethyst City. But twenty years of aerial and techno-magical superiority have led the ruling Crone Council and the zealots of the Legion of Lilith to slowly turn the Matriarchy toward the idea of rule rather than liberation.

Although concerned with the recent militaristic bent of her sisterhood, Charlotte Frost is more preoccupied with a cheating wife and trying to keep her Liberty Ship, the Harlot’s Promise, aloft and free of interference by the Crones. But the appearance of a prototype Doll, self-aware and capable of mind control via sex, shakes what little faith Charlotte has left in the Matriarchy’s pure motives.

The truth is far darker and more tangled than she ever suspected.

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