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The Adventures of Neela

The Adventures of Neela

The Neela-Verse, Book One

C.S. Keene

First, Neela learns how to submit to Simone. Then, she learns why.

Neela needs a strong hand in her life—specifically, in her bed. Her boyfriend Jason doesn't know how to be that. Fortunately, Neela's new friend, Simone, does. After Simone claims Neela in a spectacular fashion, right in front of Jason, she treats Neela to a sampling of kinks before showing her the power her submission has brought her.

While Neela learns to obey without thinking, Simone tutors Jason on the responsibilities a top has toward a bottom. But while Jason learns to enjoy seeing Neela senseless with pleasure, even if he isn't responsible for it, no one prepared him for where Neela’s journey is about to take him.

As Neela gives in to her all her needs, submitting to a variety of people, there’s only one question on Jason’s mind: is he ready to take care of her every pleasure?

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