Saved Tonight

Saved Tonight

Colt Oakley

When Miles dog-sits for a friend, he settles in for a cozy stay with Maisy, expecting lots of walks and comfortable days spent on the couch. What he doesn’t expect is that the top name on the emergency contact list—his client’s neighbor—is Oliver Greystone. The Oliver Greystone. Creator of Saved Tonight, the one-season cult TV show that literally saved Miles’s life.

When Oliver meets Miles, the overzealous Saved Tonight fan standing on his front steps, all he wants to do is slam the door in the guy’s face. The last thing he needs is another fan of his failed TV show to remind him of how much he embarrassed himself with that whole debacle.

But there’s something about Miles that Oliver can’t shake. Maybe it’s the goofy nature, maybe it’s all the delicious baking…or maybe it’s because Miles is finally making Oliver feel like he's not a failure.

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