Queer Bait

Queer Bait

Men in Love and Lust #2

Michael Bracken

Introduction by Neil S. Plakcy

David isn't the hook-up type, but there's something about Clive—the sexy, older man from the pool locker room—that makes David take him up on the offer for drinks.

His hopes of a whirlwind romance, or even just a down-and-dirty afternoon, are dashed when Clive reveals himself to be an undercover cop intent on enlisting David's help. It seems David's new boss has a history of seducing young men, and at least one of them has gone missing, and Clive needs a sexy young man like David to wear a wire and find out just what the man is up to.

Caught between a deadly dangerous boss and a way-too-sexy cop, David has to navigate getting what he wants—Clive inside him—with giving his boss what he wants—him inside David—for information that could save future young gay men.

“Smooth Stroke” is just one of twenty scorching hot and smutty-as-hell stories in this sweaty, throbbing, pounding collection of gay erotica from Michael Bracken, acclaimed author of erotic short fiction.

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