Cali Kitsu

Cali Kitsu lives in a very sunny state with her amazing husband and daughters, and she enjoys making people smile. She tries to bring a little bit of her Cali sunshine and energy wherever she goes. Cali believes that love is for everyone, and she's found the perfect way to express that in her writing. Cali absolutely loves writing—she's having so much fun telling steamy boy love stories, with a bit of her Cali sense of humor!

In addition to You Can Call Me Cooper, Cali is the author of two upcoming MM YA novels in a series, and is the co-host of the podcast Cali and Craig Talk. Cali is also assistant to the publisher of Story Perfect Books, home of five publishing imprints including Deep Hearts YA.

Cali's other hobbies include watching Anime, reading Manga, baking, going to the beach, and she's an avid gamer in all forms: console, tabletop, strategy card games…Magic the Gathering is probably her favorite strategy card game.

Books by Cali Kitsu