Warmth from the Rising Sun

Warmth from the Rising Sun

Shoju and Matashi, Book One

Kon Blacke

Long ago, on the picturesque but remote Jussei Island, there was an ancient and sacred temple known as Dansei Karuto—the Cult of Men. Every year, the village elders chose boys of age to be selected to serve the temple. Not only was it the highest honour to be chosen, it meant a rich and full life for the families of the boys who were.

But only a handful were ever taken in by the temple.

The year they come of age, Shoju, and his companion, Matashi, wait to learn their fate. As it happens, Shoju becomes one of the lucky few. After being accepted, he's quickly initiated into the Cult of Men so he can be worshipped and have his every desire attended to, no matter how small. All Shoju has to do in return is make himself available to the masters of the shrine for all manner of erotic delights.

Delights Shoju is willing to provide as thanks for his selection.

But all too soon, the waking dream filled with carnal delights, both wondrous and sensual, becomes a nightmare for Shoju. He realises the temple is a prison, even if a gilded one. And what’s more, he discovers the masters have their own nefarious agenda for the boys they’ve selected—an agenda that could cost Shoju more than he ever imagined.

Will he be able to escape the temple in time? Or will Shoju, so caught up in the web of deceit under the guise of worship, become the temple’s next victim?

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