Offering Gold Coins to a Cat

Offering Gold Coins to a Cat

Boyslove in the Gangland District #1

Kon Blacke

Tachibana Kushano goes to Michael Brock’s gentleman’s club, Badda-Bings, to give himself to many other men at once. All because his boyfriend, Riyu, orders him to.

Tachibana never questions Riyu.

He’s his submissive, after all.

But when he’s finished, Riyu still isn’t happy, and Tachibana doesn’t understand why. And as he quickly discovers, he’s never been appreciated by Riyu either, even when he’s done whatever he’s been told without question. As a result of Riyu’s anger, Tachibana is then punished, hurt beyond anything imaginable.

For Tachibana, it’s the last straw.

The trouble is…how can he recover after being dominated by Riyu for so long? How can he learn to trust someone else again?

But above all, how can Tachibana love someone else, even someone who wants to care for him? Someone like Michael Brock, for instance?

Publisher's note:
This dark boys’ love story contains graphic gay sex between adults. It also contains the attempted abuse of an underage character, and torture of a character as punishment, which may cause some people distress.

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