Soft Boys Play Hard

Soft Boys Play Hard

Boyslove in the Gangland District #2

Kon Blacke

Jake is now eighteen.

At the same time, Jake and Larry become boyfriends and they’re finally able to consummate their love. No surprises there. The two of them have been close for a while, working together in Larry’s recently expanded private investigation company, with Jake having quit his old job to become Larry’s office clerk.

But they didn’t expect what would follow their declaration of love.

Larry and Jake are being watched. Before they know it, they’re involved with notorious drug dealers and rival gangs, all because they helped the cops convict a particularly nasty crime boss.

A boss who's now issued a bounty on Jake as payback.

Can Larry and Jake survive their first real challenge as a couple? Or will Jake find himself swimming with the fishes and wearing concrete shoes before Larry can save him?

Publisher's note:
Jake and Larry's story is a standalone sequel to “Offering Gold Coins to a Cat”.

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