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T.J. Baer

“Heartfelt and full of love, Dreamers will stay with you long after finishing. Baer has crafted a beautiful portrait of friendship, family, and staying true to yourself.”
—Alison Evans, author of EUPHORIA KIDS

The week of Leo Torres’ sixteenth birthday, he decides to finally start living as the boy he is. Armed with a new haircut, a chest binder, and a stack of notes declaring his new name to his teachers, Leo shows up to the first day of school ready for a brand new start.

But the ghosts of the past aren’t so easy to overcome. As word about him spreads around school, Leo has to deal with confused classmates, a furious sister, and recurring dreams featuring his long-dead father, who promises he can teach Leo how to “dream walk.” Leo is almost positive the dreams are just that—dreams—but when they take him into the dreamscape of the soft-spoken new kid, Robbie, Leo realizes nothing is as it seems.

Leo never expected to spend his sixteenth year coming out, falling in love, and walking into other people’s sleeping minds, but he’s learning that pretty much anything is possible. Anything he can dream.

Dreamers releases Friday May 24th.

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Dreamers is published by Deep Hearts YA, the young adult imprint of Deep Desires Press. For more information on Deep Hearts YA, please click here to visit the website.

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A Broke Boy in a Rich Girl’s Heart

A Broke Boy in a Rich Girl's Heart

C.K. Dion

Sallie lives a comfortable life in a wealthy resort town. Things seem to go well in her life, from her parents supporting her transition to her budding businesses making jewelry to her awesome best friend.

This comfortable life takes an unexpected detour—the good kind—when she meets fellow teen artist Cris. While the start of their friendship is awkward, he quickly becomes an important part of her life and those feelings soon grow. That chance meeting blossoms into a relationship with both teens head over heels in love.

But not everyone is happy about this.

The problem? Cris comes from the wrong part of town and Sallie’s parents have a problem with that. They’d rather see her with someone like Aidan—good looks, athletic, respectable family, great wealth—than someone like Cris.

With endless obstacles and challenges thrown in their way, will this broke boy find a permanent place in this rich girl’s heart?

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A Broke Boy in a Rich Girl's Heart is published by Deep Hearts YA, the young adult imprint of Deep Desires Press. For more information on Deep Hearts YA, please click here to visit the website.

Something More

Something More

Carla Atherstone

Trans Girl Romance #2

A housewife searching for new experiences gets more than she bargained for when she joins two horny trans girls in the bedroom!

Housewife Wendy can’t get her wild afternoon of passion with beautiful trans woman Lana out of her head.

Desperate to see Lana again, Wendy calls round at her flat, only to find Lana otherwise engaged with another trans girl – her “friends with benefits” Sophia.

But Wendy’s disappointment soon changes to excitement when she’s invited to join Lana and Sophia in the bedroom. And as she soon learns, two’s company – but three’s fantastic!

Something More is a 7,100-word short story and picks up directly after the events of Something New.

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Something New

Something New

Carla Atherstone

Trans Girl Romance #1

One lonely housewife... One fun-loving trans woman... One wild and lust-filled encounter!

At first glance, Wendy has it all: a wealthy, handsome husband, a beautiful home and time on her hands. But despite it all, she’s bored, lonely, unfulfilled. Something’s missing from her life, but what?

Wendy doesn’t even know what it is she’s looking for, until she meets Lana.  Sexy and glamorous, Lana’s unlike any other woman Wendy’s ever known – especially when Wendy discovers a substantial surprise in her pants.

Soon, the two of them head back to Lana’s flat for a hot and wild afternoon of passion. And for Wendy, this will only be the beginning...of something new.

Something New is a 5,600-word short story.

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