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The Prince in Flames

The Prince in Flames

An Elements of Desire Novella

Minna Louche

Galen is a prince returning home from a failed marriage arrangement when he receives word that his father, the king, has died. Hundreds of miles from home, Galen finds himself in peril as another seeks to end his life and claim the throne for themselves.

Having no other choice, Galen makes a pact with a demon, one that will bind them to the end. But the lustful Oso’s help comes with a price, one that will stoke the embers of intimacy and awaken a love in Galen that he had long kept hidden.

As he fights for the throne, Galen also fights the fires of passion that consume him as he falls into Oso’s forbidden yet undeniable desire.

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The Frozen Prince

The Frozen Prince

Elements of Desire #1

Minna Louche

He is her captor, cursed by ice magic and hiding a deep secret, yet Genevieve can’t help the feeling of desire growing in her heart as she is drawn into the mystery of the frozen prince.

Genevieve is a mere servant girl for the royal family, who’s best friend happens to be the princess, Malaya. When a powerful and dangerous man attacks the castle in an effort to steal the princess, Genevieve acts quickly to save Malaya—by offering herself instead.

The thwarted abductor, however, is no ordinary man. He is the Frozen Prince—a supposed urban legend cursed with an ice-filled heart and dark magic. When Genevieve is swept away to his isolated castle in the Northern Mountain, however, she discovers that there is far more to the legend than has been told. Like the unimaginable depths his ethereal white eyes hold…and the hold they have on her.

Genevieve is trapped between something sinister hiding on the mountain and a cursed prince whose carnal cravings gnaw at his heart. Emblazoned in the icy clutches of desire, if they can’t solve the mystery behind the Frozen Prince, neither will survive.

The Frozen Prince is a 35,000-word novella.

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