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When Things Happen Together

When Things Happen Together

Jordan Clayden-Lewis

Two travelers on the ultimate Australian road trip. Two numbers that will change their lives forever.

Thomas is in need of a change. Being an aspiring artist from London, he hopes a working holiday in sunny Australia will be the muse he’s been waiting for. But it isn’t Australia’s vast landscapes that are his source of inspiration…

After a string of unromantic dates, Thomas meets Bruce, a handsome Irish traveler with alluring almond eyes. The more time the pair spend together, however, the more they start seeing the numbers 1122 everywhere.

Are the numbers just a coincidence, or is something greater at play? Is Bruce really who he says he is, or is there more to him than he’s letting on?

A story about seizing the moment, finding a sense of home, and embracing love when it comes knocking.

When Things Happen Together publishes on Tuesday October 11th!

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Not Gay, Man!

Not Gay, Man!

David Marchatt

When Greg falls for a gorgeous exhibitionist half his age, what he expects is a few lust-fuelled encounters. But what he finds is so much more than that.

The last thing Greg expects to find when going grocery shopping is a gorgeous, blond show-off—but a very attractive young man half Greg’s age lifts his shirt and gives Greg a tantalizing peek.

For weeks afterward, Greg can’t get that exhibitionist out of his mind. It was one of those rare encounters that he’ll have to learn to treasure...until he runs into that young man again, and this time that young man is fully naked in the middle of a park, victim of a clothes-stealing prank from his friends.

Greg offers Chris—the naked young man—some modesty and an escape. And soon Chris is in Greg’s home, naked, declaring that he’s not gay, and yet clearly flirting with Greg.

Chris is brash and adventurous, seeking pleasure wherever pleasure can be found. Going along with the heat of the moment, for fear that it might never happen again, Greg gives in to Chris’s temptations and soon finds himself in a steamy lust triangle from his wildest dreams.

But lust can become love...with the right guy.

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After The Bronze

After The Bronze

Luna Blue

A young ex-Olympian catches up on life when she discovers herself through a wild, sexual voyage.

Brooke’s existence has been lived through a chlorinated world of isolation and training. With freedom from a regimented swimming career just around the corner, her parents devastate her with the news she is being sent to an exclusive North Shore finishing school in Sydney, a chance to help her acclimate from the competitive Olympics to the real world.

Brooke promises herself she will not attend without seeking to understand her hidden, clandestine world of sexual fantasies. Before her “incarceration” begins, she seduces Jim, the quiet yet fervent son of the local mechanic. As Brooke seeks to find her place outside of the pool, she finds more than a simple sexual relationship. She finds herself.

After The Bronze is a 20,600-word novella.

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