Such a Small World

Such a Small World

Jordan Clayden-Lewis

A speculative queer love story wrapped in memories that won’t stay buried.

Mackenzie’s last boyfriend cheated on him. And for reasons unknown, he didn’t see it coming, even with his ability to see the relationship timeline with every new person he meets - friends, acquaintances, and lovers included.

Usually, these clips of the future, nicknamed Brain Cinema, play out like a movie in his head, only lasting a few seconds most of the time. But that’s not the case when he meets flight attendant Jasper on a plane to Central Australia from the East Coast.

After seeing his relationship timeline with Jasper, Mackenzie realizes he’s received much more than anticipated on this holiday so far. In the vision, he sees them falling in love and living happy years together, but also Jasper dying in his arms around ten years later. This dredges up Mackenzie’s past, and he feels as if history is repeating itself. So he avoids Jasper at all costs in an attempt to save him.

How much can Mackenzie really control his love and life, though, and at what point must he surrender to what’s meant for him, all the while knowing that his time with Jasper is limited?

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