Episode 5: Serials

We take on serialized fiction! Host Cameron D. James is joined by author Storm Stone, author of the highly-erotic and serialized novel Going Solo, as well as John Robin, senior editor at Deep Desires Press, and Dale Lui, who edited Going Solo and worked closely with Storm on the project. We look at why an author or publisher might serialize a novel, what challenges serialization presents, and how this impacted the process of editing and producing the book.

You can follow us all online. Find Storm Stone on Facebook (facebook.com/stormstoneseries/) and Twitter (twitter.com/hardcoreromanse). Contact Dale by email (dale@deepdesirespress.com). Find John at his website (epicfantasywriter.com). And find Cameron on his website (camerondjames.com) or follow him on Twitter (twitter.com/Cameron_D_James). You can find all of the Deep Desires Press social media links on our website at deepdesirespress.com.

Posted: March 3, 2018
Length: 52:08 m
Size: 71.6 MB

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