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The Shocking Adventures of Jewish Lightning #1 The San Francisco Snatch

The Shocking Adventures of Jewish Lightning

#1 The San Francisco Snatch

Kitty Knish

It's 1917, and people are disappearing all over San Francisco. But fear not because Jewish Lightning is here to save the day! Yes, Jewish Lightning who can manipulate the mighty flow of electrons to her will. While our boys are overseas fighting the Kaiser, Jewish Lightning along with her wise-cracking sidekick, The Knish Kid, fight in the name of freedom, justice, and sisterhood.

The Davening Duo face off against enemies like the greedy Golden Gelt, the hot-headed Mazel Tov Cocktail, and even a jilted leather-bounded ex-roommate in order to solve the string of kidnappings. Can our heroes bring these villains to justice or will they succumb to their evil plot? Will Jewish Lightning’s and the Knish Kid's relationship survive these new trials?

Find out in The Shocking Adventures of Jewish Lightning!

The San Francisco Snatch publishes on Friday, February 26, 2021!

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Misled by a Monster

Misled by a Monster

Marco May

When Mitch meets twin brothers, Stan and Wes, the experience becomes a howling one when Mitch learns he isn’t quite human. Will he be stuck on a situation he’ll regret for the rest of his life, or is there hope for a better life that makes room for a better man?

Mitch has never quite fit in. He’s always felt...different somehow, though he could never put his finger on it. When he meets Stan, a strange and mysterious man, he feels an instant attraction and like someone finally truly understands him.

The allure of Stan is so powerful and all-consuming that Mitch soon packs up and leaves everyone behind to move in with Mitch in his rural community. But once ensconced there and separated from everything he used to know, Stan changes. And Mitch is trapped. And there are strange things going on around him...otherworldly things.

Stan’s twin brother Wes seems to be Mitch’s only hope of escape—and of love. For where Stan is evil, Wes is good. Will Mitch be stuck in misery with Stan? Or is there hope for him and happiness with Wes?

The secrets soon spill and the truth comes out. And the most shocking revelation of all for Mitch? He might not be quite human himself.

Misled by a Monster publishes on Friday January 29, 2021.

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