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Dylan James

Two teenage rodeo champs have to overcome their hatred for each other — and their uncertainty about themselves — to save the family ranches.

Grant Peters is sixteen and wants nothing more than to just compete in calf roping at rodeos and keep winning gold. But there are two obstacles in his path.

The first is Logan Summers, also sixteen, and also into calf roping. Logan is Grant’s only real competition and every time Logan wins, he gives Grant a smug little smirk that sets Grant’s blood boiling.

The second is Grant’s parents being close to selling the family ranch and moving to the city, away from rodeo, and away from his horse, Thunder.

So when Grant discovers evidence of a deadly cougar stalking the ranch, he decides to take it upon himself to hunt down what would undoubtedly kill the little business his family has left if word got out. Of course, as soon as he sets off into the woods, he runs into Logan, who is undertaking the same hunt to save his own family’s ranch.

Now, these two teenage rodeo nemeses have to not only overcome their uncertainty about themselves, but also their hatred for each other, if they have any hope of coming together to save their families’ businesses.

Thunder publishes on Thursday August 8, 2019!

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Thunder is published by Deep Hearts YA, the young adult imprint of Deep Desires Press. For more information on Deep Hearts YA, please click here to visit the website.

You Belong To Me

You Belong To Me

Hells Vipers #1

Britt Collins

It’s hard to resist a bad man with a good heart…even if he’s the Road Captain for a Motorcycle Club on a deadly mission.

The Hells Vipers Motorcycle club has a rat. Someone is giving out personal information to a rival club, and the rivalry has turned deadly. Not only are club members being targeted, their families are in the crosshairs as well.

Nuke, the Road Captain for the Hells Vipers, has a reputation for being a little crazy. At 6'3", he's a blond, tattooed, muscular fighting machine and a force to be reckoned with. He does what he wants when he wants, and he only wants two things at the moment: to find the snitch and possess Jasmine's heart, body and soul.

Jasmine Simmons is an African-American nurse who gets caught up in the chaotic world of the Hells Vipers after doing a friend a favor. She's never met anyone like Nuke before, and she can’t help but find him irresistible. When the threats against the club take aim at her, though, she realizes she might be in way over her head. Is it too late to run, or is she already in too deep?

If you couldn’t get enough of the Reaper’s Motorcycle Club, You Belong to Me should be next on your list.

You Belong To Me publishes on Thursday July 25th!

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Thong of Thongs

Thong of Thongs

69 Sexy Jewish Stories

Kitty Knish

Thong of Thongs is the lovely Kitty Knish's debut collection of 69 sexy Jewish stories. Laugh as the Chosen People enjoy their bondage with a side of bagels and lox.

Thong of Thongs is the lovely Kitty Knish's debut collection of 69 sexy Jewish stories, showcasing Jewish humor at its finest. Equal parts kosher and dirty, romantic and raunchy fun.

Adam, Eve and the trouser snake; streaking at a kibbutz; Freud’s introduction to submission; these are only a few of the hilariously scandalous tales found inside. Laugh your tuckus off as the Chosen People enjoy their bondage with a side of bagels and lox.

*WARNING*: While there is something in this collection for everyone, not every story is for everyone, so please approach this book with an open mind before you unzip your pants. No kvetching here, you’ve been warned!

Thong of Thongs will be published on Thursday August 29, 2019!

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