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Anonymous Nude Photos

Anonymous Nude Photos

Lauren Jane K.

A nameless woman meets a sculptor at an art exhibit. She's drawn to his art—sculptures made of shattered objects, breathing new life into ruins. She can recognize creativity and dedication in him, something she holds herself as a renowned photographer.

Together, they rent an art studio in an abandoned factory. Here, both engage in their art—him planning a masterpiece made of thousands of shards of glass, and her slicing through her photos, dividing and reassembling. Both must break down their art to rebuild it and find the true beauty within the pieces.

Art reflects life.

They soon begin a sadomasochistic relationship. Each knot, each slap, each bruise...each brings a confluence of pleasure and pain. Each contributes to a shattering and reassembling. And this search for beauty within the pieces finds her falling in love with him, the one person who holds sway over her with a single word: "Kneel".

But when a betrayal tears apart the fragile reality they've built, she must learn to rebuild once more.

Anonymous Nude Photos releases April 14th

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My Only Real Friend is the Easter Bunny at the Mall

My Only Real Friend is the Easter Bunny at the Mall

Christina Bagni

When Mo’s therapist suggested she get an after-school job to help with her depression, she didn’t expect to end up as the photographer at the Easter Bunny photo set. She also didn’t expect to befriend Billy, the man in the bunny suit—an extremely tattooed ex-gangster (probably).

Mo’s therapist also didn’t lay out the risks. Like how Mo’s shoplifting habit might make things difficult with her mall cop dad. Or how the cute changing room attendant at Pandora’s Box might reveal to the world that Mo’s queer before she’s ready.

Or how it all might end with Mo getting arrested.

Well, whatever her therapist expected, Mo’s about to tell her the truth…for maybe the first time. Because after it all blows up, she’s all Mo’s got—besides her only real friend, the Easter Bunny at the mall.

My Only Real Friend is the Easter Bunny at the Mall releases on Friday April 7th

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My Only Real Friend is the Easter Bunny at the Mall is published by Deep Hearts YA, the young adult imprint of Deep Desires Press. For more information on Deep Hearts YA, please click here to visit the website.

Tilting Gravity

Tilting Gravity

The Eichon Series, Book One

Jenn Storey

The moon is falling.

Born with the gravity majik needed to prevent certain doom, instead of training, seventeen-year-old Syd spends her days skipping academy classes to tinker with airships, ignoring her future as a soldier in the army of the Eichon–the goddess-gifted ruler of the planet. As expected, Syd ends up in the Director's office more often than not, and the academy has had to get creative with its "motivational methods" in hopes that Syd will begin to take her gravity majik seriously.

Luckily, she's untouchable, betrothed to the Eichon’s daughter, Adeline. Unluckily, Syd's about to learn she will be the next to take up the Eichon’s mantle.

Adeline has been groomed to follow in her mother’s footsteps since she was a child. When it’s revealed Syd, not Adeline, will become the next Eichon (not to mention do the impossible–save the world), trust begins to break as roles and identities fall apart. Then, when Adeline goes missing, Syd must choose: follow the destiny given to her or find Adeline.

All the while, the looming moon serves as an ever-present reminder of just how small–and thus how big–her problems truly are.

Tilting Gravity publishes on April 2, 2023

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Tilting Gravity is published by Dreamsphere Books, our imprint for fantasy and science-fiction. To learn more or to discover more great fiction, click here to visit the Dreamsphere website.