A Broke Boy in a Rich Girl’s Heart

A Broke Boy in a Rich Girl's Heart

C.K. Dion

Sallie lives a comfortable life in a wealthy resort town. Things seem to go well in her life, from her parents supporting her transition to her budding businesses making jewelry to her awesome best friend.

This comfortable life takes an unexpected detour—the good kind—when she meets fellow teen artist Cris. While the start of their friendship is awkward, he quickly becomes an important part of her life and those feelings soon grow. That chance meeting blossoms into a relationship with both teens head over heels in love.

But not everyone is happy about this.

The problem? Cris comes from the wrong part of town and Sallie’s parents have a problem with that. They’d rather see her with someone like Aidan—good looks, athletic, respectable family, great wealth—than someone like Cris.

With endless obstacles and challenges thrown in their way, will this broke boy find a permanent place in this rich girl’s heart?

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