The Line of Succession 6: God Save The…?

The Line of Succession 6: God Save The...?

Harry F. Rey

As Britain hurtles toward the coronation, the battle for the line of succession comes to its final—and deadly—conclusion. Who will survive and wear the crown?

Andrew is missing, having absconded from his lifetime of duty to James’ every whim and desire. But Andrew’s new master has his own agenda. Vengeance.

In London, plans for the coronation of King James go awry as a series of deadly attacks target senior royals and Alexandra’s children have been snatched from her grip by the government, carrying out its own secret strategy.

Meanwhile the tables have turned on Lizzie, who must now serve the very institutions she longed to destroy.

But if James, Alexandra, and Lizzie are to have any hope of surviving, they must unite against the forces that sent their father to his fiery death years ago. They must unite against the crown itself.

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