M.S. Tarot

A fan of reading and books from around the fourth grade on, I have devoured a huge library of published works by a vast variety of authors in easily a dozen genres. This leads me to the simple fact that I love to read. If I love to read, I must love to write, stands to reason. So I decided to give it a try.

That was 2012. Since then, I have posted more than a hundred stories online. I’ve won contests. I’ve written stories that stand in the website Literotica’s Hall of Fame. And I have, thanks to my fans there, earned myself a place in their Top 250 Authors List on what is arguably the largest erotica website online.

But before that, I made friends. Other erotica writers, without whose support you would not now be reading this short bio.

Their enjoyment of my writing and encouragement has given me the confidence to attempt to go even further with my writing. Beyond my comfort zone, to distant unsighted shores, to places where the waters are no longer familiar and even the stars are strange. That’s where I’m going; come join me.

M.S. Tarot

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