Desire and Witchery

Desire and Witchery

A novella in The Thurian Chronicles

Christopher Stires

I am witch’s animal companion, known as familiar by those with sorcery knowledge. I am in the legendary appearance of a male black cat. One can believe my words or not. I shall admit that I lie when it is convenient.

Milady Londyn is not witch nor sorceress. Never has been. She is human mortal and has no wizardry skills or aspirations. And she does not know about my true nature despite our time together. My mistress is a stunning, golden-haired beauty who had lived a most privileged life as the daughter of the most powerful lord in the kingdom’s northern realm.

Then her father led a rebellion against the king. And failed. Now Milady is hunted as traitor with bounty upon her. I vow to protect her from all who wish her harm. Alas, I may not be able to shield her from her own desires when the Captain comes into our lives.

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